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Pottery Pics

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

A few of my favorite pieces…

Life lessons learned (and re-learned) from art and ceramics classes or Sabbatical Report Part 2

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

It’s important to know how and when to Let Go.

When centering a ball of clay on the wheel, sudden movements can throw things off pretty badly.

A little Perspective goes a long way.

In visual art, good perspective is the difference between a flat, unrealistic scene or an image of depth and nuance.

The $20 brush really is Better than the $5 brush.

I’m not exactly sure what the real life parallel is to this, but I find it reassuring!

A task with a clear Endpoint is truly satisfying.

I’ll be working on the f***ing Mozart Bassoon Concerto for the rest of my life, but when I’m done with a bowl, it’s done! And then I can eat ice cream out of it.

Starting from a well-Centered position makes everything go smoother.

(Although something that is ever-so-slightly off center is usually more interesting. (Golden Mean)) Being mentally and physically centered helps enormously.

Modify your Expectations to conform to the results.

While it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind when you start, you may get dragged in another direction. That can be a very good thing.

Hedge your bets, make a second lid or handle.

It’s highly likely that something will break or not fit, just make another. It’s no big deal.

Sometimes the only way to know it just to Try it.

Just because it looks good in a sample doesn’t mean it will work in your piece. Just hold your nose, jump in, and try it.

Contrast is interesting.

Colors, textures, shapes, and forms are all worth juxtaposing and contrasting. It’s just more interesting!

Having some Rules or guidelines is easier than unlimited possibilities.

Just ask Schoenberg.

Don’t get too Attached.

Things break, water spills, wind blows. Get over it.

Quit while you’re ahead.

If it looks good, stop.