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St. Louis Restaurants

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Here’s a list of restaurants I’ve been enjoying in St. Louis this summer:


Pi is always awesome, thick crust, not too heavy, good ingredients, several locations. The CWE location even has good breakfast pizza (think quiche in their cornmeal crust- yum!)

The Good Pie on Olive is VERY good, stone oven pizza. They have buffalo mozzarella too.

And finally PW Pizza is also excellent, and that’s a big compliment from a former east coaster like myself.

Not Pizza

MILAGRO, MILAGRO, MILAGRO- best Mexican food, hands down. No arguments allowed. They also have wonderful Sunday brunch- maybe the best breakfast potatoes in St. Louis. (which is sad to say for all the breakfast restaurants)

Sushi- Miso on Meramec for more upscale, Cafe Mochi for more everyday good stuff. Try the pink cocktail.

Benton Park Cafe has excellent Ultimate Eggs Benedict and good breakfast potatoes. I can’t quite get myself past that part of the menu, although I’m guessing there are other good things on it.

BBQ- this is a category with lots of good options in this town. I am partial to Bogart’s- mostly because I can walk there. I am also looking forward to the opening of Capitalist Pig. Recently had a lovely first meal at The Shaved Duck- smoky meatloaf and BBQ cheese fries!

Spanish Tapas- Modesto is very good. You must order the Cauliflower- even if you don’t normally like that vegetable.

Italian- Stellina makes me so happy! Their menu changes with the season and what’s fresh, so it’s always a new experience. Their pastas are really exceptional. Last time I had Agnolotti with carrot and marscapone filling, topped with pea shoots and a light herb butter. It was like spring on a plate!

Dressel’s- Lamb burger is SOOO yummy. The sweet chutney and goat cheese with the rich lamb is really first class. They have other good things on their menu too, but I rarely can get myself to order them.

The Cupcakery- has amazing chocolate cake.

Any others to add? I’m sure I’m leaving some good places out, but a girl can only eat so much.


Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

(On August 7, the people of Missouri voted 83% in favor of an amendment that included language saying that students did not have to participate in school assignments that conflicted with their religious beliefs. This post is in response.)

Last night, God came to me in a dream! He wanted me to start my own religion. There clearly aren’t enough of them, and He thinks that the children of Missouri especially need Him now. Here’s what He told me about Imbecilism:

Video games and movies are clearly more important than gaining knowledge. If He wanted you to be smart, He’d have made you that way.

Physical fitness, team sports, exercise, eating healthy foods, and other behaviors that are aimed toward living a longer and healthier life are bad for you. He has decided how long you’ll live, how you look, what the quality of your life will be. You should only run when chased by a predator. Trying to be thin, fast, strong, healthy or attractive to others is a futile pursuit, and you shall not engage in it. If He didn’t want you to eat Doritos, He wouldn’t have made them so tasty.

Math, especially any higher form of math that might help you figure out a tip, do your taxes, keep your business afloat, or balance your checkbook; is bad. You shall not spend time trying to learn how to manipulate numbers, as it might make you more capable than your fellow man, or God himself, and that is bad.

Logic, reason, analysis, and critical thinking are the tools of the devil. They are largely used by highly paid professionals like doctors, lawyers and professors. God wants you to take everything you hear at face value and not question. It makes His job much easier.

And lastly, be good to your fellow man! You should give all your money to politicians and religious figures who tell you things you like to hear. Remember, God loves you exactly how you are, don’t go changing or improving yourself.

So if YOU would like to join me in worshipping God in this important new way, please join! For a mere $50 I will send you a certificate of membership in Imbecilism and a copy of its manifesto. (Especially useful in classrooms in Missouri.)